Amish-made Cedar Chests & Occasionals in Dauphin County

Find something unique for each room of your home at Horning’s Country Store. The enduring design and quality construction of our solid hardwood furniture is sure to please the user today as well as the next generation as an heirloom.

Amish Cedar Chests

Amish cedar chests are known for their quality craftsmanship, and those which are offered for sale at Horning's Country Store are no exception, because they exceed all expectations for their detailed execution and their tremendous aesthetic appeal.

amish built wooden cedar chest

The natural beauty of hardwood oak, cherry, and cedar wood shines through in every creation we make available to customers. Just picture what a wonderful addition one of these expertly crafted chests would make in your home, situated at the foot of your bed, or even out in the general living space, where it can be seen and appreciated by all.

Unlike many of the mass-produced furniture items sold today, our Cedar Ridge Amish cedar chests are meant to be passed on from generation to generation, as an enduring symbol of family values and unity, just as they are for the Amish themselves. Everyone loves the aromatic scent of a cedar chest, and when we sell these beautiful chests, you can count on it including a folding-back lid, casters for easy mobility, and a lock which you can use to keep curious eyes out of your chest. Anyone who receives one of these high-quality cedar chests, either now or sometime in the distant future, will appreciate the masterful construction that went into its creation.

Cedar Chests with Excellent Usability

You'll be amazed at how useful your new Amish cedar chest can be. Because it's so roomy on the interior, you'll be able to store blankets, sheets, and linens inside, and they'll all come out smelling fresher than they went in. If you have a daughter in the family who is close to marrying age, she would probably love one to use as her Hope Chest, where she can store all those things she expects to use in her married life down the road. Many families also like to store important family documents, photos, and other prized possessions, and since it can be locked securely, all these valuables will be safe from incursions from anyone with criminal intent.

quality wooden cedar chest

A typical size for one of our Cedar Ridge Amish cedar chests would be 39" wide by 18" deep by 19" in height. That will be big enough to accommodate practically anything you want to store safely inside, while still being small enough to not take up too much space in your home. Ideally, at the foot of your bed, it would blend right in with bedroom furniture, and keep your valuables safely stored, right where you sleep at night. Many people who don't need ready access to the interior contents, use their chests as end tables or coffee tables, and place a lamp or other decorative items on top of the cedar chest, to enhance the living space where it has been placed.

Contact Our Cedar Ridge Company

If you really love the Amish cedar chest contact our Horning's Country Store today! You'll have the opportunity to match other furniture pieces in our store to your cedar chest. We have many other hardwood items available which can perfectly complement your Amish cedar chest, to convey a distinct rustic look to the room where they're installed. Whatever kind of piece you might need, be sure to ask one of our friendly representatives, so we can help you achieve the kind of look in your home that will not only be extremely appealing, but which can also be very functional.